More Stories?


More Stories?

Note to loyal readers:

      If you started with my first published story on August 18, you’ve had the chance to read one short story a day for the past 163 weekdays.  (Yes, I’ve written 163 of them.)  I hope most were enjoyable to read  – I’ve enjoyed the ride.  This is that story – the story about writing this book – and the final story, at least for a while.

If you started subscribing in mid-stream, or want to go back and read one again, all 163 are archived at “Growing Up Then & Now.”

But it’s time to move on.

At the top of my To Do’s List is recruiting Green Party candidates – millennials – to run for the state legislature in 2016.  But truth be told, I’ve run out of stories!*  It took 20,000 post-adolescent days of living life to the hilt to build up 163 stories and I’m not exactly living that exciting a life that every day’s a new story.  But don’t unsubscribe, more adventures are sure to come – maybe a modern day Ken Kesey trip?  Anybody care to join?


*Although you still haven’t heard the ones I’m taking to my grave.  And here are some photos I haven’t had a chance to include yet.

one yr old w J on clarinet

From the 50s (with Dad on clarinet)

A at four w Murph great smiles

Andy in the 50s (with Sister Murph)


fist date

From the 60s – on my first date with jean Vardeman


first motorcycle

In the 60s on first motorcycle (w/ siblings)


hippie headband

From the 70s (hippie start)


Earth Protector

In the 70s with Earth Protector

Tomorrow:  Hopes & Dreams Smack Into Reality





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