High Noon in Chattanooga [second daily dose of Can I Take Your Girl for a Spin?]

High Noon in Chattanooga.  A Really Hot August Day.  Stomachs filled, but hot and thirsty, we imagined the next car having a beer for us.  (We seemed good at calling our rides.)  Only minutes later a convertible pulled over.  Three guys with short hair and red necks.  Drinking beer. We looked at each other.  They looked like Red Necks.  We looked like Hippies.  But they had beer.  We got in.  “You want a beer?”  Sure we said, and guzzled them.  “You guys seem thirsty, should we get off the Interstate, find a bar and buy a twelve-pack?”  Sure we said (things were happening just as we imagined).  The bar was on the banks of the Tennessee River, “Do you want to take the scenic route and follow the River?”  Of course we said (what could be bette

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