Third Time

The Third Time’s the Charm [1972 First Time]


Ellen in grade school - little did she know I already had my eye on her

Ellen in grade school – little did she know I already had my eye on her


I saw you dancing in your nightgown!

The first time I ever saw her she was 12 years old, but it wasn’t until 12 years later that I got her name and 17 years later that we had our first date.

In the Fall of 1972 I was staying at my parents’ in Yardley, Pennsylvania, working for the McGovern campaign.  My parents lived on the western outskirts of town.  Each night I would ride my motorcycle into town, a small town lying alongside the Delaware River just up from Trenton, New Jersey, to have a cigarette.  Yardley’s Main Street starts on a hillside approach from the west.  At the top of Main is a big corner house with a large side yard.  One night the upstairs windows had speakers pointing out blaring the Moody Blues and girls twirling in their night skirts in the side yard dancing to the music, “Nights in White Satin, . . .”  I pulled over a safe distance away not to be detected, listened and admired.  This happened more than once.

On our first date 17 years later I asked the usual question, “So where did you grow up?”  She said Yardley, Pennsylvania, and I couldn’t believe it.  “Yardley, Pennsylvania – my parents live in Yardley, Pennsylvania!  Wow, where in Yardley did you live?”

“In a big house, on top of a hill, on Main Street,” she tells me.

“No, you’ve got to be kidding – I know that house.  When did you live there?  Have any sisters?” I ask.

“Three sisters (I’m the youngest) and two brothers.  I was in grade school in Yardley,” she answers.

“I know you!!!”  I exclaim, “I saw you dancing in your nightgown when I lived in Yardley!”

Tomorrow:  Second Time


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