December, 2014

Mary Joy Vol. III Andy at 35 months w Jackam writing for the first time post the 2014 elections (amongst which I was a losing candidate).  There’s really no good story to tell that came out of my third party candidacy to be Minnesota’s Attorney General – altho there is one of the kind I describe in Volume I as you either had to be there and, if not, one I’ll take to my grave, so not included here; but starting tomorrow I am writing a new set of stories that should be every bit as fun to read as those in Volume I – so keep subscribing if you are an avid reader.

Meanwhile today I’m just reminiscing a little about the campaign, what we’d hoped to accomplish, why it didn’t pull off as good as hoped, and what might be done next to get America out of its political rut.  (If you don’t think we’re in a political rut – big money ruining our democracy – then you might just skip today’s “story” and wait for tomorrow’s tale about my first kiss ever.)

Almost everybody is unhappy with politics these days.  We elect Democrats, have hopes dashed, elect Republicans to the majority, become dissatisfied and again put Democrats in charge.  Now a new repudiation of the Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections.  But the current Republican majority was elected by only 1/6th of the voters.  Nationally only 33% of eligible voters participated and a little more than ½ of that 33% was enough for a Republican landslide.  Plus ½ of those who voted were over age 60.  The 2008 Obama electorate which I describe in my “Open Letter to Jack & Nick” stayed away in droves.  Congressional approval ratings are in the single digits.  Both parties are now disapproved by solid majorities.

And one more thing that really doesn’t fit with any fun story, my dad died in the midst of the campaign – a really, really great Dad – and I have a tribute I wrote to him attached as the last daily dose of this Preface.

Como II 2014

Ellen, Andy, Nick & Jack [2014]

Tomorrow:  Running for Attorney General





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