First Comes Love . . . then Comes Marriage . . . then Comes . . . [eleventh daily dose of Third Time’s the Charm [1996-2002]

Ace and I planned our first arrival for two years later, the next time the two year legislative cycle meant we wouldn’t be in session.  We did lots of planning, both family-wise and otherwise, accommodating our legislative duties.  Because we represented two different districts we maintained two separate homes.  It’s why Jack was nicknamed “RV” while he was in the womb.  If the House adjourned first we ended up at my place with me cooking; if the Senate adjourned first then we hit the sheets at El’s place, but I invariably would get up in the middle of the night and make my way home.  There’s a rule, understandable, that you have to live where you represent.  I kept it up even though folks in my District we’re telling me “We don’t care if you live on the moon, we just want you to stay being our Rep.”


Taking the responsibility plunge

RV was conceived in a cottage a sandy hundred steps from Gull Lake.  It was a cold early October day in 1996.  The nine month timing with the next legislative adjournment was saying “Now’s The Time.”  But I was saying, “Whoa, are we really going to do this?”  Took a real cold plunge in Gull Lake, thought quickly, jumped out, came back to the cottage, said “Hey Baby . . .” and started in on some serious family planning.  In those moments I truly grasped what the next score years meant in terms of taking on responsibility; what I had no idea about was how much fun being a Father would be.  (Read “Pleasures” Story.)

However, being responsible and RV’ing at the same time just couldn’t hold up.  The kids (by now) needed one school district, one neighborhood, one house to grow up in, and, after the 2002 legislative map didn’t include a living room bridge across the railroad tracks that divided our adjoining districts, I said:  “You know Ace, you’re pretty good at this politics business; we need a woman’s voice up there; I’m going to retire and move in with you full-time, lock, stock and barrel, baseball bats, baseball cards and baseball shoes.”

Tomorrow:  Lucky Again



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