Joining The Movement [fourth daily dose of What I Did with my College Education]

That was it.  I just got up and left.  Eventually I parked Earth Protector at my parents and got a ride with some of my sister’s friends going to the conventions.  Eventually after that my sister and I decided to hitchhike to California; and eventually after that, on a warm early September day in Berkeley, sipping on an Orange Julius, reading a copy of a magazine called Vocations for Social Change,

Berkeley Campus Entrance:  Deciding my future will be in Phila.

Berkeley Campus Entrance: Deciding my future will be in Phila.

I see there’s a place called Voyage House in Philadelphia (near Earth Protector) that’s hiring “Streetworkers” for $200 a month to help runaway and “throw-away” kids find their way off the streets.  I used the rest of my savings to buy a one-way Amtrak ticket knowing how I was going to use my college education.  Voyage House was part of The Movement.


P.S.  Long train rides can be really great!  We were barely out of the station when I met Susan in the Vista Cruiser dome car heading off to her freshman year at Kenyon College.  As I would later see for myself, Kenyon is located in the beautiful rolling hillsides and curves of Southern Ohio, and a great place to go for a long bike ride and spend the night.  As I would later learn, Kenyon College is known for producing story writers, but all this is another story entirely.

Tomorrow:  Voyage House


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