First Came Love [fourth daily dose of Third Time's the Charm]


Ellen and I fell in love.  I was charmed by her good looks and personality.  We loved all things in common, in politics, under the covers, the fun we had just hanging-out together, going on adventures and living a romantic life.  We loved each other.

Makes for a Big Tent

Makes for a Big Tent

We went to Mazatlan spontaneously.  First we bought a cheap round-trip charter to Las Vegas.  After that the only thing for sure was being back in two weeks for the return flight.  Next we took the Greyhound to Nogales and walked across the border to catch a train for Mazatlan.  Only no trains were leaving, and the Tres Hermanas had their Autobus leaving in 10 minutes.  All afternoon and all night we careened around corners, had movies blared in espanol, and made stops in the kind of places we had been forewarned not to eat or drink at, unless you had taken certain pills first.

Next morning we arrive and the only other Gringo on the bus comes up to us and asks if we want to share his donkey-drawn carriage into town.  Sure we say.  Then he tells us where he’s staying and recommends we check it out.  It’s in the main part of town, not on the strip where all the tourists go with the fancy hi-rise hotels and bars where you actually sit at a bar stool halfway submerged in the middle of the swimming pool.  His place looks wonderful, is cheap, and only a lazy one-mile beachfront walk from the strip, so we decide to stay there.  It’s a little old and slightly decaying, has three floors, all marble, a courtyard with a neglected swimming pool.  It was built by John Wayne for when he brought his yacht down from Monterrey.  Staying there had many, many extra benefits we came to learn.  First, all the rooms have a balcony facing Mazatlan Bay (the real, original, Mazatlan Bay with the biggest waves and real Mexican surfers).  Second, all the balconies were built so that no one, unless out at sea with binoculars, could see into your balcony.  An outdoors private balcony with gorgeous views far and near!  Third, we had a kitchen and the local farmers market just out the back door.  Fourth, we got to meet real Mexicans.

Tomorrow:  Cabo


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