Let’s Go to the Troc [second daily dose to Apologies]

At any rate, Hannah, me and a group of friends had tickets for the 76ers game when I got a call from Annie she was coming out to Philly for the weekend, so I invited her to come along.  BIG MISTAKE.  For the first three periods of the game everything seemed to go okay because we were all part of a larger crowd.  Along about the 4th quarter I realized, too late, that both Hannah and Annie expected I’d be with only one of them after the game – and that neither one of them knew I was being intimate with the other.  Hannah thought Annie was just a friend and Annie thought Hannah was just part of the crowd.  To this day I don’t know how I could have thought that somehow we would all love each other instead of thinking that they each deserved to know the (whole) truth before I extended the invitation.

In the 4th quarter the best I could come up with was hatching a plan I thought Hannah would surely decline to participate in and thus go home with her other friends, so I suggested we all go to the burlesque show on Race Street after the game.  When Hannah said “Sure,” I was pretty much sunk, and when all the others declined, except Annie, I was really sunk.  The Sixers won the game in overtime and me, Hannah and Annie got in a cab for the Troc Theatre.

At the Troc I bought three tickets, picked three seats near a fire exit (in case I decided to just get up and leave and let them figure things out for themselves), and sat down in the middle between them.  Some dancer named Marilyn was doing a strip tease live on stage.  In the dark I could sense both Hannah and Annie were about to touch my knee (or worse) and bump into each other.  Marilyn started in on

Doing his best Gypsy Rose Lee

Doing his best Gypsy Rose Lee

[[[[editor:  need Gypsy Rose Lee’s sheet music score with the musical notes to that famous song printed out here]]]],

and suddenly I had the inspiration to join her on stage.  I was on stage whipping off my shirt when the cops came and escorted me out of the theatre.

Both Hannah and Annie made it home by themselves.  (Annie to her hotel room.)  Needless to say, my relationship with both now had some ill feelings.  The moral to this story, boys, is that you need to learn sooner than I did to avoid any situation where your lover is emotionally disrespected.  Make sure the relationship is human, not just sexy, and be respectful of another’s thoughts and feelings.   Then it’s okay to believe real love is loving life in all its spices and varieties, to love the one you’re with, the love that is, and not necessarily confine yourself to the love, oftentimes faked, sometimes dishonest, that you are told

can only be part of a marriage.





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