This Story has Happy Endings! [sixth daily dose of Florida Rescue Mission]

We spend a fun few days travelling to Denver, stopping at all-you-can-eats, shooting pool, and playing SuperGhost (the game where you have to add a letter fore or aft without spelling a word after the first three letters).  But when we arrive in Denver, Fred announces she’s going back home rather than travel on with us to Tucson to visit another one of Bob’s Peace Corps friends.  Fortunately, by back home she meant our parents’ place in Pennsylvania – not back to Michael – although she did send him a postcard, but I think more because of the dog.

Fred went home and then to central Virginia to visit a high school girlfriend, sees a guy named Pete walking his Cocker Spaniel, asks to greet the dog; ends up marrying him (Pete, not the dog), and the two have lived happily ever after.

Cause for a lifetime romance

Cause for a lifetime romance

And . . .  Bob called Carol back in New Jersey, who was glad to learn her sister was okay.  Now, I’m very excited to tell you all the things that happened to me and Bob in Tucson, LA, and San Francisco, among other places, but this Story has gotten too long, and they’ll have to wait for another day.   However, I do have to tell the Portland story, the other Happy Ending – remember, Bob’s still drifting.

Tomorrow:  You’ve Got the Job!



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