Debbie! [second daily dose of Tucson]

So we attended the photography lecture.  Standing-room-only crowd.  Bob went one way and I took a seat on the ledge by a bannister.  A late arriving (almost tall as Bob) pretty woman with long blonde hair was looking for a seat – so I offered mine.  She accepted and after the lecture we started to chat.  She was a Univ. of Az. co-ed taking a photography course and attending the lecture was part of a class assignment.  Bob found us just as she and I made a date for the next night.  I convinced Bob staying in Tucson was what we wanted to do especially given the fine accomodations at the football stadium.

There were no lonesome caddy girlfriends the next day so we were just driving around town when we spied a “Help Wanted” sign for landscapers.  That day we shoveled the white pebbles that Arizonans seem to prefer to lawns out of the back of a pick-up truck and made a little money.

Then I went back to our parking lot accommodations, showered, and went out on my date.  Had a really good time; came back and told Bob, “Hey, we’ve got jobs, a nice place to stay, and Debbie’s invited me to supper tomorrow night at her house.”  The next day one of the landscapers got us better jobs doing “scrape down & scrap out” work.  They were building lots of houses and apartment complexes in Tucson that February.  Our job was to go into a freshly dry-walled, textured, painted apartment, smooth out the texturing, scrape down the excess tape, plaster, insulation material, and wheelbarrow all the scrap to the main dump site.

That night Debbie invited me to move in with her.  Bob was glad to have the Volare to himself.  Plus we had jobs and Bob didn’t mind the work because he mostly slept in the bathtubs while I did the scraping down and scrapping out.  Later I found out this was a sore point for Bob – although I kept telling him, “Bob, I don’t mind a bit – the days go by faster for me if I work hard and I don’t mind your sleeping most the day – I just can’t wait to see Debbie again tonight.”

On a Saturday, me, Bob & Debbie took in a Cleveland Indians spring training game.  After baking in the hot sun, we decided to come back the next day and sell “Solar Dogs.”  [See photo.]

Actually we ran an extension cord to heat those dogs up

Actually we ran an extension cord to heat those dogs up


After about a week of sleeping with Debbie, enjoying a fine spaghetti dinner she fixed, I announced that I thought she & Bob were really made for each other – both tall, Jewish, attractive and witty, same intellectual interests.  She agreed!

That night I went and found Bob at the parking lot and gave him the news.  Next night he was at Debbie’s and I was in the Volare.  That lasted about a week as well and then it was time for everybody to move on.  We all three stayed friends for life and Debbie even insisted that we stop in and see her mother and sisters in San Francisco after we left L.A.

Tomorrow:  Katie!


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