A Broken Heart [Rain Delay Between 1st and 2nd Innings]


A Broken Heart  [Rain Delay Between the 1st and 2nd Innings]

Before Detroit comes to bat for the second inning, the skies over Comiskey Park cloud up and the heavens empty.  The Umpire calls for a rain delay.  My Dad and I retreat to where it’s dry under the Grandstands, and it’s time for baseball stories.   Mine start with a heartbreak.

one yr old and pitching

A pitcher at age one

I was a pretty good ballplayer all through junior high with dreams of someday being a major leaguer.  Fall of my freshman year in high school I ran Cross-Country because my Mom didn’t want me playing football and getting hurt.  I once ran the 1.9 mile course is nine minutes and thirty-six seconds, a pretty good time.  Basketball was not my best sport so I waited out the winter looking forward to the spring baseball season.  My high school had over 4,000 students so making the team was not a cinch, but I had no doubts.

After three days of try-outs, the list of eighteen names was to be posted right before classes let out.  I raced to the gym bulletin board …. but … but my name was not on the list!  I’m crying as I read each name a second time – still no me.  Feeling all alone in the crowded hallway, the track coach touches me on the arm:  “You’re coming out for track now, aren’t you?”  So that was it!  The track coach had told the baseball coach that I was a track man, not a baseball player!

When I didn’t go out for track, the baseball coach asked me to be on the team, but it was never the same.  I wasn’t a starter and it was years before I enjoyed the game again.  Mostly I just didn’t want to have anything to do with grown-ups, and instead started smoking, drinking and chasing girls.  Went to college in Minnesota and law school out east.  Didn’t go to another White Sox game for ten years; hardly paid any attention to them in the standings.

Back at Comiskey Park, the game’s been called on account of rain.

Tomorrow: Mending a Broken Heart



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